Saturday, January 6, 2018

You won’t fly into the radio towers we paint!!

Painting self-support towers is one of our specialties.  With this tower, we teamed up with Anchor Paint to use their proprietary Flexi-Coat Aviation Coating Series to paint the orange and white bands to FAA color and gloss standards. 

Hundreds of Turkey Vultures and Black Vultures regularly roost on this tower so prep work was of the utmost importance to establish a good foundation before the application of the coating.  Prep work consisted of pressure washing, hand and power tool cleaning to remove built-up dirt and rust (SSPC 1, 2, 3).   

Tower banding was first introduced to towers back in the 1930s to provide a contrasting background from the tower and sky so aviators could easily see them and gauge how tall they might be.  Towers are divided into bands depending on their height, for example, a tower less than 700' will have 7 bands, and towers up to 900' will have 9 bands and so forth.  

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