Saturday, November 26, 2022

Sales & Marketing Positions Now Hiring

Sales & Marketing Positions Now Hiring

Interested in using your sales and marketing skills together? We are looking for honest, hard-working salespeople eager to help protect the iconic structures of America.

  • guaranteed salary
  • paid vacation
  • health and dental insurance
  • opportunity to travel
  • cell and clothing allowance

If you are on top of your sales game and want to join a passionate team, contact us.

Friday, November 18, 2022

We Are Hiring Rope Access Techs

rope access jobs

Are you interested in using your rope access skills?WE ARE HIRING ROPE ACCESS PAINTERS!We are looking for honest, hardworking rope techs to learn and paint the iconic structures of America.

  • gear
  • travel per-diem
  • clothing allowance
  • cell phone allowance
  • paid vacation
  • h&d insurance

Apply at

Monday, July 25, 2022

Having A Blast Skydiving

 As goes for a long project we needed to vent some steam and have fun. No better way to do so than to jump out of an airplane at 10,000 feet. Some of the crew went skydiving at Miami Skydiving over the Everglades. What a blast of fresh air it is to reach terminal velocity falling to earth and landing like a leaf.

- Are you adventurous?
- Do you like a challenge?
- Do you like accomplishments?
- Are you able to set and follow through with goals?
- Do you have a keen eye for detail and aesthetics?
- Do you want to be part of a team environment that is fun, dynamic, and fast-paced?

If so maybe you should think about working at BASE Group. We spend an amazing amount of time traveling the country painting the iconic structures of America.

Friday, March 25, 2022

Dome Painting Rope Access

 Recently the crew was in Reno Nevada rehabilitating the giant dome for the Silver Legacy Casino.   The dome had been built by a radome construction contractor.  Over the years the panels had deteriorated to a point they needed some rehabilitation.  The only problem any contractor was going to have with the job is how to get to the top of the dome.  The builder did not install a ladder on the exterior or on the interior of the structure.  Luckily for the client, we are always up for a challenge thus found a way to the top.  Now the dome is freshly painted and could stand another 20 years shining bright in the Reno skyline.

We power washed the dome, primed it with an adhesion primer, and applied 1000 gallons of Sherwin Williams Sherloxane 800.

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