Sunday, June 6, 2021

Painting Towers In The Wilderness

 Painting Towers In Alaska

We had the amazing opportunity to spend 2 months in Kodiak Alaska during the Fall of 2020 painting a Loran tower for the United States Coast Guard.   The work consisted of removing lead-based loose and flaking paint with HEPA vacuums while recoating the entire tower with a product called Rust Grip.  The tower went from aviation orange to silver within 3 weeks after prep work.

What's not to love about spending time in Alaska?  On the off days, the crew went deep sea fishing in the Pacific, flying floatplanes to Katmai National Park, and lots of site seeing.  The Kodiak Island bears are big and abundant and everywhere you turn.  We saw the bears almost every day leaving the house for the job site, what a wild adventure we had in Kodiak Alaska.

rope access painting
At 300' painting

Tower Painting
What's up!

Bears of Kodiak

Local Russian Architecture

Floatplane to Katmai

Jobsite Fox

The Tower

Deep-Sea Fishing

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